2048 Sidebar Theme

Hello Discoursers!
Do you ever feel bored when you are waiting for a reply? Here’s a fun time killer to help you out! It’s a sidebar 2048 game that you can play, either to kill time, or just for fun!

If you need a quick preview, here’s the link:

If you are interested in downloading this theme, be sure to follow the correct steps into downloading the theme and you’ll be there! https://github.com/Chaboi45/2048SidebarGameDiscourse. It may take a few seconds before loading the game, just be patient and it’ll be there. Enjoy!

Side note: This is not a plugin, but a theme.
Feel free to comment below, or send a PR so I can improve it. :wink:
Update: The new update for this theme temporarily removes mobile compatibility due to width issues. I’ll find a fix to it soon.


This is awesome, but can you check the width of the side bar?

This is what I see now on Theme creator


Shoot. :sweat_smile: Messed up the width part. I’ll push a fix here:
Update common.scss by Chaboi45 · Pull Request #2 · Chaboi45/2048SidebarGameDiscourse · GitHub.
@Dax, can you try again?


It works now, thanks.


Hi, could you update the creator preview? :wink:

I think it’s already updated.:

Could there be an arrow that opens the game like a drawer and closes it too? Because if it’s open all the time, it seriously interferes with the forum. I seriously love this game/theme and I wish it would be very intuitive and adapting with the behavior of a forum.


Have it on the list, probably going to take a while.


If someone is willing to do this, please feel free to send a PR on GitHub. :smiley_cat: