2container setup option

Setting up a forum and really wanted to do a two container install, but am enough of a newbie that I found the discussion about editing the template files offputting.

Then stumbled across the “2container” commandline option for discourse-setup which made it a breeze.

I only found it because I happened to read the discourse-setup script.

Is is intentional that this option has not been added to the install instructions? (If it is there but I missed it, I apologize)

Thanks to the developers and the community for a great product.

Mark B

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2container is an undocumented feature as it is not recommended for someone without a hands on understanding of discourse. There is a rationale that a first time user trying to set up discourse may find it confusing.

Why do you say this? There is #howto for dual container config.

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When @pfaffman added the 2container feature to ./discourse-setup I had asked him to write a full howto about the process and he suggested it wasn’t necessary as it may add unnecessary confusion.

Perhaps the 2container low key warns that it isn’t officially supported while proceeding with the setup that way.

Does that need to change?

@pfaffman should either pull that or link it to the meta topic explicitly.

Since a FAQ cleanup is in process, maybe this one can be added to a dedicated FAQ topic?

It is documented.

From: How to move from standalone container to separate web and data containers

I am reluctant to put it in the 30 minute install instructions, which is used by many people who can only barely understand those instructions and don’t read them carefully, because it requires that you have enough wherewithal to re-write the instructions every time you see ./launcher rebuild app to something like ./launcher rebuild web_only. “I did ‘./launcher rebuild app’ and I got an error! Help!”


I mean link the command line docs and command line output with the topic, please. Not referring to any github doc changes here.

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I don’t understand what topic needs to be changed.

The command line output / help from the bash script should print the topic URL as reference. That’s what I mean. If I can be clearer, let me know how!