3.2.0.beta2-dev (7019dbcfe1) does not load CSS from common.scss anymore

We have a custom theme and make use of CSS customizations using common.scss. It seems to have broken with the recent upgrade, e.g. styles defined in common.scss are not read anymore.

Can you please pinpoint me into any changes I need to make or fix this issue if it is a regression?


I cannot reproduce this. I am running 3.2.0.beta2-dev on two separate instances and the remote common.scss files for themes and components seem to be functioning as expected, as is the common css theme editor. Have you tried narrowing it down by disabling other components? Have you made any changes or added any components lately?

If you want to post a link to the theme repository, I can have a look and test it and perhaps see what the issue might be.

Unfortunately the repo is internal, I am going to post a PM to you.

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Ok that was really odd and yes it appears that your instance of 3.2.0.beta2-dev has an issue reading private repo files, or at least the common.scss file. As soon as you reverted to beta1, the common.scss file was recognized and the formatting fixed. Something is definitely not working as expected there. :thinking:

As discussed via PM: we keep 3.2.0beta1 pinned for the time being until this is fixed.

Thanks for the quick help here :heart:

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For the record, somewhere in this time frame the issue was introduced:

Still investigating.

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Hi nodomain, are you still using an unsupported install as stated here?

Just in case it would be useful information :slight_smile:


Yes but still using the official way of building the docker images myself. I just put the stuff on ECS etc.

The site breaks reproducibly when switching to the new version w/o changing anything else.

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Hey there, can you try out a local install of discourse tests-passed, along with the discourse_theme CLI tool?

Once installed, you can run discourse_theme watch <YOUR_THEME_FOLDER> and the watcher should be able to point out issues to you.


Good idea, I’ll check this later and give feedback.

Got it! It showed also up in the admin UI already. I have no idea why I did not see it yesterday morning :slight_smile:

Error: “+” and “-” must be surrounded by whitespace in calculations. ╷ 1097 │ width: calc(100%- #{$grid_columns_2_width}); │ ^ ╵ /var/www/discourse/common.scss 1097:19 root stylesheet

Interestingly, this did not pose an issue with the previous version. So something seems to have changed to make scss parsing more strict?

After adding the required whitespace, everything looks great again.

Thank you so much.


I can’t pinpoint the commit, but our team is currently prioritising making theming more stable and friendly. So these (linting) are probably first steps to ensuring stability.

Glad you found the issue! :+1:t2:


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