404 not found when embedding comments

I’m new with Discourse and I can’t figure out why I’m getting 404 error status messages when trying to load comments on my Ghost blog.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem with my settings in Admin / Customize / Embedding. I have the loosest possible matching criteria set.

I don’t think there is a problem with the HTML I have used to embed the comments??

Is this a problem with cross-site communication??

See line 114 - 124:


Here is the URL of one of the pages in question.

The topics which should be being embedded are being created on my discourse instance: Sounds of Khao Sok forest recorded at Praiwan House Boat - Other - Designed By Selection

I am using the latest version of Discourse installed by @pfaffman a few days ago. 2.6.0.beta2 ( 66976baefa )

Thanks for any help!!

I’m having the same problem on a web site at a different domain.

I’ve poked around this forum and the documentation and can’t see what I might be doing wrong or how to fix this issue.

Oh! Apparently the requests that were failing with a 404 from my other domain are now working on this domain but the comments are still not showing up.

Details of the now successful request:

  1. Request URL: https://discourse.designedbyselection.org/mini-profiler-resources/results
  2. Request Method: POST
  3. Status Code: 200
  4. Remote Address:
  5. Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin

When I go to that URL, it seems that the comments are being correctly embedded. There are no comments on the post’s Discourse topic, so no comments are displayed. Are you still having issues with this, or is the problem resolved?

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Oh, sorry not to post back here!

I figured out what was going on. It seems that discourse was working great all along.

What confused me was:

  • I was seeing 404 errors in the Network tab of the Chrome Inspect window when I was embedding Discourse comments on a different domain to the discourse server here for example.. This is probably the expected behaviour of the mini-profiler which seems to be the thing that displays the loading time ?for admins only?
  • I hadn’t read the documentation properly and was expecting to see an interface for entering comments appear on my site. Since I hadn’t actually commented on the blog articles there was very little being embedded in the page, only a link to the discourse server topic.
  • My blog theme had a dark background and what was embedded in the blog page was not visible against the dark background. I fixed this with the CSS below.
div#discourse-comments {
        background-color: white;
        border-radius: 25px;
        padding: 20px;

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