500 Error message when I make a topic in a certain category (Infinite Flight Community)

I don’t know why I can’t make a topic in a certain category (Features) today as the “500 Error” message keeps showing up. I did make a topic and forgot to move it to features, when I moved this, The message keeps showing up


Can we repro this @techapj?


There is a nasty error in Active Record, where adding a #includes on a model can cause various queries to explode when we pluck ids.

op_likes ordering (order by number of likes on first post) was a pretty hidden feature only exposed via the default category order dialog.

We are pulling the feature altogether, @techAPJ will pull it and add a migration that remaps this to order by likes for categories that want to specify it as ordering.

In the meantime @techAPJ changed the offending category on infinite flight to order by likes by default.


Actually looks like this is a legit bug in our monkey patch, so I went ahead and fixed the monkey patch, per:


I reverted my change on community.infinite-flight.com/c/features just now to sort by Original Posts Lkes and can confirm that everything is good now. :thumbsup: