500 errors when posting on meta.discourse.org

(Dean Taylor) #1

I’ve been seeing 500 errors when posting to meta.discourse.org over the past few days (probably 4 errors over 5 days - but that’s guessing)

When selecting Repy:

It pops up with a message indicating 500 error. However the post actually successfully posts.

Here is an example occurrence of this kind of error post that this occurred for - matching the console errors above:

Hopefully there should be something in your logs

The current version of discourse at this time on meta is:
Discourse 1.2.0.beta5 - https://github.com/discourse/discourse version 20d2908c505c506c96e5621d89f341ea163515ca

###Possible similar topic

(Robin Ward) #2

I think it’s unrelated to the other topic. The errors here were related to custom field use on the experimental tagging plugin. I have a fix here:


(Dean Taylor) #3

Glad you caught it. Nice one.

(Jeff Atwood) #4