A few questions about the yearly review plugin


I made a suggestion for the French version of the yearly review’s title, because the current one, 2022 : l’année en cours de révision, doesn’t make much sense.

Plus, but that's an anecdote…

My co-administrator renamed the topic to 2022 : l’année en statistiques, which is way better.

Of course, having made the same mistake the previous year, the plugin re-created a new topic 24 hours later :laughing:

I explained the thing to my co-admin, I renamed the first topic to 2022 : l'année en cours de révision and deleted the new one.

24h later, a new topic was created nonetheless!

I was puzzled for a few seconds but I had the intuition that the duplicate had something to do with the single quote in the title.

Which was… The same in both titles. But not in the raw version of the titles, which are visible only when you edit the titles:

raw title

fancy title

So, I renamed the first topic and used a regular single quote, and let’s see if it creates another topic in the next 24 hours…

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