A moderator summary section

I’d like to see something similar to the users page (that shows posts/topics read, read time, days visited etc) but for moderators/admins. This would be a summary over a specific time period (or ‘All’) that displays the following quantitatively:

  • Users silenced and suspended
  • Users’ posts edited (that aren’t posts belonging to him/herself)
  • Posts deleted
  • Topics deleted and moved
  • Topics unlisted
  • Topics closed

The list goes on, of course I’m not expecting a full summary of all the moderator actions, but something like this would be great to see how moderators are doing. This would be privately accessible to staff only so listed maybe in /admin/dashboard/moderation building up on what is already there.


We can check that already.

However, I definitely agree with this! I like the idea behind it.

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