A selection of private messages with a specific user

Under regular circumstances, when I depress the button for “private messages”, a catalogue of my entire personal correspondence is displayed. However, in instances where I have engaged with a multitude of individuals through private messages, the onerous task of isolating the communication history with a singular user surfaces, particularly in the absence of functions for sorting or seeking out private messages. If my intention were to locate all of my messages to a specific user, it would prove advantageous to be able to click on a button (or link) which I have appended to my sidebar, thereby unveiling the entirety of my discourse history with the target user.

From the aforesaid, two queries emerge:

  1. How might I assemble a compilation of private messages from one specific user?
  2. How might I engender a link directing to this compilation?

Does searching your messages for the specific user give what you want?
So searching in:messages and for @username

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I’m not entirely certain that I comprehended your inquiry.

This is a very good solution :clap:, you can say what I was looking for :confetti_ball:

Can there still be an alternative version of the link (not through the search)? :thinking:

I express my profound gratitude towards you :raised_hands:!

Interestingly, how can I make a link to the chat history with the user?

I tried to make a link to quickly go to the chat with the user, for example, like this https://mysite/chat/c/discobot/9, but it only works specifically in my case, but it will not work for another user . Another user will not be able to follow the specified link. Since at the end of the link you need to change the value “9” - for each it is individual