A single sentence changes to a repeated sentence

A sentence on each page is somehow repeated.
This problem happens on some pages, not all pages.

When I add some meaningless words to update the page, the repeated sentences improve to a single sentence. I didn’t change any data of the sentence though.

My discourse version is 2.9.0.beta11.
But the problem happened on older versions.

If someone would help me solve this problem, I really appreciate it.

This looks like it may be a customisation that’s causing the issue.

Are you using watched words to replace text? Can you share your settings, or other plugins you may be using?


I’ve slipped this over to support as we don’t have clear repro steps for a bug report, but if it turns out it’s not specific to your set up we can always move it back. :+1:


Yes, thanks. I will ask this to our developer.