Multiple repeated summary mail entries

My idle test user just received its weekly summary mail and it contains 5 times the same topic (it’s a topic which was edited and pinned a few times, but still it should only show up once, especially if it shows the exact same text not something like “have been pinned” or such.

From the 3 popular posts 2 have been duplicates.

Also the “new for you” table contained a post 3 times:

With that lots of duplication nearly no information was conveyed (even though other posts would have been available) :frowning:

can I add some db query results to guide the troubleshooting in this bug report?


I also excluded a tag, but the preview function still shows me “Popular Post” answers under a topic with an excluded tag. Not sure if this exclude is not working for “Popular posts” or if just the pre-view function is not recalculating the conditions. (I will see in the next mail on Friday:)

Please let me know how I can troubleshoot that a bit better. Are you otherwise happy with the summary mails? odd that I should be the first one to have such problems.

I’m having the same issue. I have posts repeated 4 times in the same email, and the email header says “4 new topics”

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