A specific Discourse topic isn't updated when the WP article is updated

For an unknown reason, when this article is updated, the corresponding Discourse topic isn’t, thought it was recently.
The title is updated, but not the post content anymore.

The issue doesn’t seem to appear on other linked WP posts ↔ Discourse topics.

Any idea where does this issue come from?

My publishing WP-Discourse options if it’s of some use:


Hey @Canapin :slight_smile:

Could you have a look at the “Logs” panel? Regarding what data is being collected, see further here:


I didn’t know there was a log tab in WP-Discourse!
By the way, looking at them learned me the issue was caused by the max post length Discourse setting. It was set at the default value of 32000 while the WP post was longer.

Thank you!