A stack of internal comments for users - would cover lots of use-cases

Could we have a simple stack of internal comments for users?
I.e. visible to moderators and admins only.
And maybe with an option to keep a comment private just for me.


  • a phone number that no one except the team should see, or an instant messenger nickname
  • tracking of calls summaries if it is about business
  • general notes that might be important
  • a user ID in an external Client Management System
  • relationships with other registered users

This can all be adapted by just a stack of date-ordered internal comments, with a single flag public/moderators/admins/onlyme, and with date posted/edited.

Does it make sense? Any chances to get it into the official Discourse TODO list?

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This already exists as a plugin, we may develop something similar in core eventually.



Definitely has been requested more than once, will probably adopt the plugin and make it official at some point. Just to confirm.


If you do, you may want to look at our fork, where we’ve made several improvements over time. (latest improvement blocks the ability for anonymous users to see the “private notes component and attempt to add a note”)

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We would definitely work with you to make sure your use cases are covered.