A versioned API for client side plugins

You can disable/enable ratings for a category or by adding a tag to a topic.

I could just check whether the post’s rating property has a value and show it if it does, however I will need to provide for hiding ratings in topics that already have them (see e.g.)

However, looking now at @joebuhlig’s nice Feature Voting plugin, I think it would be better if I adopted the approach he’s taken for a similar case - i.e. put this logic in the topic view serializer on the server.

Also in your code, I would recommend using includePostAttributes to add rating to attrs rather than calling getModel. I’d also recommend creating a new widget for the rating, but I haven’t written up how to do that yet because I’ve been quite busy :frowning: – rawHTML will work but the widget would be nicer and faster

Ah yes, thanks for the tip.

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