Ability for users to act as moderators on their own topic

No, no, no, and yes

But the passive-aggressiveness is appreciated :blush:

I have asked our admin to do basically this, thanks! :slight_smile:

Then it leaves you to category moderation then. :slight_smile:

Changed the last no to yes as I realized I don’t want to pay (as I do not currently have any income, being a student)

I do think more features is financially beneficial for Discourse as compared to less features though, and am therefore comfortable suggesting a few.

Yep, gotta love that new feature :slight_smile:

From 12 days ago, right?

Yes, I think…

I recommend you invite your admin to this topic so he/she can handle this.

Yes, but some can cause more bad than good.

I do entirely agree with that, although in general I find it hard to believe a toggle-able option to give users a bit more self-control would be one of those.

This works as a solution then. No harm.

I don’t see why having a semi-workable solution should be enough to prevent a request for a more specific featureset?

Obviously that’ll go into decisions about whether they’re implemented by the devs (as, after all, time is money), but I do not see a reason to not also hope this is added so people do not need to be temporarily added to a group of mods for a category, which also still gives them power over more than just their own posts.

So while I am currently working on that, I am simultaneously requesting this feature.

This from 11m ago on another site, Chief Delphi (pulled an example from here above as well)

I wasn’t even thinking about doing anything on CD but I guess I can now

Basically you’ve described PMs, which can be sent to groups.

If you want a personal message – start one!


More succinctly, this is describing per-topic permissions which would require a massive rearchitecture of Discourse. That’s… not going to happen any time soon, and by any time, I mean in the next few years. If ever.

The closest things to it have already been brought up:

  • Keep all these “game” topics in a specific category and take advantage of our about-to-be-released category specific moderators. This is likely your best bet.

  • Use group PMs which are much conceptually closer to this model and might work OK “enough”.


That’s a shame - if you do ever get around to it though :wink:

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Just found myself in a situation needing this as well, would be lovely if this could happen some day.

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Does anyone still care about this?

I have a forum that needs this, and I’ve developed a plugin for it - it’s still in active development, but almost all the features mentioned in this topic are already available.

Anyone willing to try it?

By the way, its I18n support is not good

Maybe I should attach some screenshot?


Definitely still interested, feel free to DM info but I might not be able to get around to it for a bit

also what does this mean

genuinely no clue if that’s something I should care about or not

I think that would be a great plugin. :+1:


i18next is an internationalization-framework written in and for JavaScript. But it’s much more than that!

i18next goes beyond just providing the standard i18n features such as (plurals, context, interpolation, format). It provides you with a complete solution to localize your product from web to mobile and desktop.

You may care if you need to translate this plugin’s text content in some languages. :slight_smile:

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Leader TL4 also have this ability.

Forums where users play for example table top Pen & Paper RPGs. The Game master for example can close the topic until next session.

Well with Discourse being extensible I inagine this could be done with sponsoring development of a plugin.

I imagine the Automation plugin would come in handy to automate this process.

A custom plugin that could be enabled on a per category basis would midigate the risk to low if done well. Might be tricky to add ppl other than the op though.

Then there is nothing that will be done. You will need to petition your community Forum for change. It is unlikely the team will add this function that is more for a niche per use case. Features are often added due to a wide benefit vs a per case use. And no Stephen imho is not bring passive aggressive by gleaming what your really asking for :v::sunglasses::vulcan_salute:

That is quite awesome! May need to give it check. Just need to know more on the potential support issue(s). But looks very promising.

I would be interested in test driving your plugin. And provide any feedback your wanting.