Ability to disable trust level auto-promotion?

I’m setting up a community and we’d like to disable auto-promotion so that we can use the trust system but have more manual control over it. More specifically, we’d like to leave levels 0 and 1 working with auto-promotion, but levels 2+ would require manual promotion

I haven’t seen any option for doing this. My current plan of action is to just set unreachable limits, but wanted to see if there is a proper to do it before applying my duct tape :wink:



Should be fairly simple, just make tl2/3 impossible to achieve via site settings. That is in fact the proper way of doing it.


Would it be an idea to have a toggle per trust level (enable / disable automatic promotion) instead of having the admin enter multiple unattainable values to disable automatic promotion?

Its so rare to want I am not sure its worth adding.

We also do not want people to disable this unless they have very good reason to. Part of the promise of Discourse is that the community is trusted to help moderate itself. Turning trust levels off is counter to that philosophy.


I think we may attack this problem using custom user groups instead. It seems to be the proper way to do this (we’re still wrapping our heads around the system). Is there any word on when group administration features, specifically, granting a user permission to add/remove users from a group?

That’s on the wishlist, and I think some of the technical foundation has been laid already. Needs quite a bit of UI work, I think.

Understandable. However, it depends on the use case. For forums/communities, what you said makes perfect sense. But I want to use Discourse as a blog, and this feature request would be valuable, I don’t want to have blog visitors promote themselves to more rights all of a sudden.

So, a vote from me as well for this feature. Until then, I will do the same workaround but it would be nice to have it.

(Sorry for ressing an old topic, I needed to ask the same question so I found this).

Thing is, it is doable today, just make the promotion impossible to attain and … problem solved :star2:


Is there any way to make promotion impossible for tl0? I want anonymous users to be able to read a particular category, and specific logged-in group members (“contributors”) to be able to post, reply etc. I have this working already.

I now want to give anonymous readers without an account the option to sign up, but I want to restrict them to tl0 unless I manually promote them. That way they can get notifications etc, but can’t post/reply etc.

I am setting the default tl for invited users to tl1, but I can’t figure out how to prevent tl0 getting automatically promoted to tl1. I guess I could set “tl1 requires topics entered”, “tl1 requires read posts” and “tl1 requires time spent” to some ridiculously big number, but it seems a little inelegant, is there a better way I’m missing?

Nope. That’s the way to do it!

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Thanks! I think I actually needed How to use category security settings to create private categories, as long as I can control which groups new users automatically join

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