Disable trust levels above 1

I am trying to set up my community so that it only makes use of trust levels 0 and 1. We don’t really need the level of complexity offered by Discourse with all the other trust levels. At the moment, I think have managed to set it so that all features are available once you reach level one.

It is irrelevant for a user to get a notification saying they have reached trust level 2 when that gives them no additional privileges. Ideally, I would set it so that no user ever reached any level above 1. If that is not possible, I would like to turn off the notifications that they get when they are promoted.

So, my question is: for levels 2-4, should I leave these settings as default, or will setting all of the associated settings to 0 disable these settings altogether, so no one can ever reach higher than 1?

And, as a follow-up question, can I stop users from getting any notifications when they go up a trust level? I have found where to edit the text of these notifications, but not where to turn them off altogether.


Look for thresholds needed to be met for TL2 promotion in your admin settings. Raise them so high that nobody will ever meet them.


Ermm… Yes it does have more privaliges: From TL1 to TL2 it does. Read on the badges what it grants you.

Just run the site as normal? I can’t imagine how boring it would be if I was one level for the whole time.

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We try to set defaults that we’ve found work best for the most sites, and recommend them trying them out that way first… but of course different communities need different things.

This would be the best way to disable them (they’re under admin/site_settings/category/trust). You could set tl2 requires days visited to something like 9999 (27 years).


It’s a bereavement support forum. It’s not supposed to be a fun challenge where people try to level up. I want to give users access to almost all features straight away, so that they can get support (I am only restricting posting links and photos until people reach level 1, everything else is available immediately).

But you can change the settings? You can set the minimum trust level required to do certain actions.


Thank you for answering my question! Yes, I will try setting them really high, I wasn’t sure whether to do that or to set them to zero (some other settings say set to zero to disable).


One thing you might try to do is disabling the TL1 promotion message, if you feel it would be distracting. Turn off send tl1 welcome message.