Ability to mark private messages as unread


Quite often, I read a private message but I can’t answer immediately, so I’d like to mark it as “unread” to answer it later.
Did I miss something or this feature is really missing?



I would bookmark it, or star it. Then just refer to your bookmark list or starred topic list.


FYI, looks like you can’t star PMs, but you can bookmark them


I have been thinking about this issue a lot recently now that I am working on the messaging system.

I think I would like to change it so you can “archive” any PM you have, once archived it goes into an “archive” section until an new PM arrives as a reply.

Effectively giving you a proper inbox that you can clear. As it stands it is very hard to manage PM workflows.

EDIT inbox/archive and the more fancy inbox/archive for group messages is now implemented.


Should we close this now that we have inbox/archive.

You simply keep inbox zero like you would in mail if you must. Stuff in inbox is not handled.

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Was there a plan to have a combined inbox view with all unread messages from index & groups? (Currently there’s 1 “inbox” per group + the main one)

I think there is still a use-case for mark as unread. Here is what we have currently:

  1. Unread in inbox: Never opened.
  2. Read in inbox: Opened at least once, likely requires further action.
  3. Archived: Done with message.

Sometimes I have a message in my inbox due to a conversation with a user (as a staff member). I wrote something to the user, and am waiting for a reply. I’m not done yet (as I will write again if I don’t get a response in a reasonable amount of time), so I won’t archive it. But, it isn’t urgent, so no need to mark as unread. Then I get a new PM. It is important, and needs a well-written response. But it is the end of the day, and I don’t have time to do so now. I want to mark it as unread so it is very clear to me (or in a group box, everyone) that it needs to be dealt with. Does that make sense @sam?


I use “mark as unread” all the time in Gmail, and I also archive most messages pretty immediately… Basically, what you describe @jomaxro.

That said, I think the priority of this feature is much lower now that archive exists… Perhaps this goes into the pr-welcome bucket?


I receive an email for every PM so that I can mark them as unread in my email client (K-9 Mail for Android).

Preferences > E-Mails > image

This is now doable if you enable defer per Enable defer to mark topics unread

In your user profile in the interface section /my/preferences/interface

This works perfectly with both messages and topics.


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