Ability to register user implicitly when authentication is done with our OAuth2 server

We run custom OAuth2 server for our user base. Is it possible to configure discourse to accept new registration implicitly without prompting user to register page with filled informations?

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I’m also very curious if this is possible. I only want users to sign up/sign in using OAuth2 connected to my website, not be able to create local accounts. Right now when users sign up for my main website, I use the API to create a user with the same username on Discourse. Then they can log in using my custom OAuth2 provider, but it still shows the email/password login prompt. I’ve found that I need these exact settings in order to create users via API and not allow them to register, but I’d like to at least hide the email/password prompt. Disabling “local logins” gives me the ideal flow for signing in as an existing user, but then it doesn’t allow me to create new users. Is there a way to essentially use OAuth2 as SSO?