SSO and local logins

(Sergei Pavlenko) #1

Hi, all

I try connect my site with forum ( discourse ). But, have a problem. If enable SSO in admin panel, user can auth only from SSO ( without local login or social networks ). If I disable SSO, user can auth from local login and social networks, but not from SSO.

I can enable SSO auth and local logins ? For my users if register on general site, automatically auth on my forum. Or if user not have account on general site, create new account on forum.

I find “solution” create new auth_provider ( openid ). But, discourse after auth with example Facebook need fill register fields. Not automatically auth :frowning: Is strange.

(Michael Downey) #2

As far as I know, this is not possible.

(Sergei Pavlenko) #3

Thanks! :frowning:

Maybe I can write new auth provider ( as Facebook ). But, after auth in my provider, user automatically auth? Now after first auth, need fill fields in register form. I can skip this form ?

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(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

If your auth provider provides e-mail the sign up form come in with fields already populated.

When using SSO the idea is my users are already authenticated by external service and social and local logins should be handled at the external service.

(Sergei Pavlenko) #5

Hi and thanks for answer.

Yes, I know. I can “disable” form register after auth from my auth provider ? I mean after auth from my auth provider, user automatically login on site ( not need fill fields on register form ).

(Sergei Pavlenko) #6

Any ideas ? :slightly_smiling: