Ability to set 'post undo action window mins' to infinite

It would be great if ‘post undo action window mins’ didn’t have to be a number, but could be left blank to be infinite. There is no limit on when you can undo an action such as ‘liking’ on any other major platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc etc. so it would be great if you could set your own Discourse up to behave the same way.

Currently if i remove the number in the setting it is set at 0

You can set it to a big number for now, 999999 is roughly 2 years.


What actions are covered by this exactly?

It says “like, flag, etc”, but I’d like to know what the “etc” is exactly before I change this setting :smiley:

Bookmark is the only other post action I can think of off the top of my head, but you’re always able to delete a bookmark.

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