Can we remove the reaction locking in discourse?

I want to remove reaction locking on topic, so that user can react/change their reaction(like/unlike) at any point of time? So is there any tweaks we can work around?

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There is a setting — post undo action window mins. This is described as “Number of minutes users are allowed to undo recent actions on a post (like, flag, etc).”

In many cases, setting values to “0” means no limit. I’m not sure that’s the case here — if it isn’t, you could set a ridiculously high numbered to effectively be forever.

But this doesn’t change just that. It’d be nice if the documentation text were a little less vague on what the impact might be.


This one has been bugging me for a bit. I’m reasonably confident that it’s Likes and Reactions as I’m pretty sure you can’t remove flags (not from the UI at least).

I’ll see if I can firm up something and get it added. :+1:


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