Ability to switch from personal message mode to topic mode

Currently, you can create a new personal message by clicking the + button in the top left of the drafting area, then push the option labelled “New Message.”

However if you misclick “New Message”, there isn’t a way to switch back to creating a new topic. Now, I have to close the drafting area, discard changes, and reopen it again.

It feels unorthodox that there is a quick way to switch to personal message mode, but not to switch back if misclicked.

Is there a different button I am missing? If not please consider keeping the + button, maybe with an option labelled “New Topic” so that we can switch back.


Hmm, I think it’s supposed to work that way, but there might be a bug…

:white_check_mark: If I start a reply and switch to a message it works
:x: If I start a new topic from the topic list, it does not work
:x: If I start a new message from a profile, it does not work

If I start a reply, and then close the composer and try to start a new topic instead… it will work until I refresh the page.


Is this planned to be changed?

Yes, it seems like the toggle should always be there… but it isn’t, so it will be fixed. We’ll update the topic when we know more.