Cannot enable personal messages no matter what

Using 2.9.0.beta11. It looks like in 2.9.0.beta10, the settings “enable personal messages” was changed. I tried the brute force and added all groups to it:

However, I still can’t send personal messages in topics:

Sorry, it’s in Portuguese, but the items are “Answer as related topic”, “Toggle whisper” and “Toggle topic promotion”.

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The option to start a PM from the reply dialog was removed five or six months ago:


Oh my. I see the topic now. Thanks for pointing out.

I think all boils down to “Reply only to staff” or “private reply”. I remember seeing this request here in forums several times.

Just like there is “Whisper”, topics should have something to allow the poster to reply to a topic but make that reply not visible to anyone, but “private” - visible only to him and staff.

It’s a very common situation, where everyone is discussing something and then staff says “send me the file”, and there is sensitive information. A private message (regardless of how it’s created) breaks the workflow, makes the topic harder to understand since some posts are “somewhere else”.

That’s the exactly case mentioned by @supermathie in this post: Strange behaviour when creating new Topic from linked Post - #33 by supermathie

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