Ability to tag a bookmarks

I think it would be great if you had the ability to tag a given bookmark/starred item.

For example, if you have a feedback forum or support forum and you want to organize your bookmarks/starred items, currently you don’t have the ability to differentiate between any of your bookmarks. If you could tag them (note: this tag is personal to you only) you could organize items into whatever makes sense for you.

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This request seems majorly off the mark to me. I feel like if you want that level of complexity, you should be using either a custom plugin or a third-party (i.e. browser-based) bookmark system.

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Agree, if anything we need simplification. I still stand by thinking we don’t need both star and bookmark concepts, one needs to go

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I had something bookmarked and starred. I went to undo one and didn’t realize the other was still there enabled. So I had to take that additional step of undoing the second marker.

I stopped bookmarking and instead used star-ing exclusively.

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I’m using both.

Star for Topics I want to be able to find easier and Bookmark for Posts I want to be able to find easier.

But I guess since a Post belongs to a Topic they could be combined somehow.

Personally, if one must go I’d rather go to a post (even if the first post) in a Topic rather than have to look for a particular post in a very long Topic.

Yeah after typing it out I had a feeling it wouldn’t resonate with others, it is a very niche feature I guess.

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It would be great if you could “mark” a topic in the overview on mobile while scrolling through the topics to read them later instead of clicking on the topic… Loading it then mark and then go back…

I just signed up here (having used discourse on the quite active MaidSafe forum for about three months) to suggest exactly the feature quoted. Nice that it was suggested just yesterday :slight_smile:

I don’t use stars much, but I have 96 bookmarks - all posts which contain important nuggets of information - but which I now can’t really access. All the while I was thinking, I need some way to organise this - e.g. to tag them as I go: encryption / authentication / farming / app-idea, and so on. Ideally multiple tags per post when I need that, and then to be able to list my bookmarks and filter by tag.

I just learned that discourse has plugins, so forgive me if this is available that way. If it is please say and if you can point me to it please do.

If discourse had the feature I just described, it wouldn’t need stars as well, though its not an issue for me. I don’t find the UI too cluttered and I can imagine some people would like to have star as a “special” way to mark posts, or perhaps as a way to have some other functionality not available with bookmarks.

Also want to add that I really like discourse and we get about one new person a week turning up and going “wow, what is this software, where can I get it, is it open source etc.” :slight_smile:


It is useful, but I also understand how it might be getting away from the core-competency of a forum platform i.e. if anything maybe a plugin

In the meantime you can use https://www.google.com/bookmarks/ :slight_smile:

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Interestingly, now that we / @martin has redone the bookmark system, ability to tag bookmarks is on the table again.

We have it slotted for Discourse Version 2.9