How do I tag a post?

(Emilio F Castillo) #1

So this is very possible to most silly question…but I cannot figure out how to “tag” a post. I see where you would flag a post and where you would bookmark a post, but I don’t see where/how you would go about tagging a certain post to a certain subject.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Are you asking for your own site or here on Meta?

(Emilio F Castillo) #3

Sorry, yes, for our own site. Since my posts, I figured out that I need
"activate" this feature in settings. So that much is now clear. Now my
question is about keeping “similar” tags straight and best practices around
how to associate with categories. Anything along these lines will be

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

No worries. What you are asking is a very open-ended question. Tags are used for different purposes on different sites, so more details would be useful. On my primary site (Stonehearth), tag use is restricted to staff only, and we use them to help track bug reports. For example, if a bug is reported from the alpha 12 develop 3456 build regarding the pathfinder, we apply the a12dev3456 tag and the pathfinding tag. The tags are really only useful for site staff in our case, so this isn’t perhaps the best example. I know other sites use tags as a “second” sub-category level. I believe there is a car forum hosted by Discourse, and I think they have categories by car type, with sub-categories for the manufacturer. Then they use tags for specific care models.

If you can share some details about what your site is and what you are looking to use tags to accomplish I can try and answer much more specifically.

(Emilio F Castillo) #5

Very helpful. YES, we would be the second. We are looking to use tags
instead of sub-categories. In fact, we are a forum of electric vehicles. So
keeping track of brands would be helpful by using tags. We would also like
to consider using tags to sort content by “sector” or “product”…say a
tag for “charging systems” and another for “batteries”…other tag names
might be “leaf” as in the Nissan Leaf…

So would I go in and set these up somewhere so that our users can select
these from a drop down menu whenever they are posting new content?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

You could, or you could let your trusted users do so. Tags are completely dynamic. They only exist when they are in use somewhere. Delete all the topics with a specific tag, that tag ceases to exist. There are two important tag settings (besides turning it on :wink:): minimum trust to min trust to create tag and min trust level to tag topics. You have 2 (primary) ways to go about this. One way would be to create a bunch of topics (either starter topics or hidden topics) and use all the tags you want. Then, users with a sufficient trust level can see those tags in a dropdown when creating a topic. Alternatively, if you have enough trusted users, let them create tags as they see fit. Once created, others (with sufficient trust) can use them.

Whichever method you choose, you can easily rename tags later if needed from the page. If you end up with 2 similar tags (like battery and batteries) you can rename one to the other and they will be “merged”.

Hope this is helpful, let me know if you have more questions!

(Emilio F Castillo) #7

VERY HELPFUL. I am in. thank you .