About markdown shortcut

I have some problem in here about markdown,

  1. When i use (Ctrl+Shift+8) to make bulleted list, it did not works… I try in here too and it did not work. (Ctrl+Shift+7) works…

  2. When I use Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I, for making bold and italic, the result is only italic. But when i use Ctrl+I and Ctrl+B, it works, the text become bold and italic. I used to use Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I. I try in here too and it did not work.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I just tried all those shortcuts and they worked as expected. Could you provide more details about your operating system / browser such as versions? What type of keyboard layout are you using?


Thanks a lot

Glad to hear if it is just personal (my computer) problem.

I use two browser, Opera (Your version is 62.0.3331.18) and Chrome (Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)).

Operating System (Windows 7 PC) and my keyboard layout is qwerty.

Is it because a virus on my computer or my setting ?

I don’t feel like changing any settings and I only use antispyware software on my computer.

Those issues happen here in Meta or only in your site?


Both… in my site and also in meta.discourse.

I doubt it’s a virus but it definitely works in Chrome on Windows. It’s quite odd that it would happen in two different browsers though, since my first guess would be an extension.

Thanks for the report though, we’ll keep an eye out and see if others report it. As a workaround you can click the buttons for now.