Accepted Invitations still Unread

Even tough I clicked on the notifications, about the accepted Invitations, it is still marked as unread:

I am running: v1.4.0.beta8 +37

I just saw, that when I am on the users page I’ve invited, the unread mark is gone for a moment. But its coming back.


Same thing happens for me. I’ll attempt logging out and back in again.

You shouldn’t need to log out and back in. Usually a page refresh will clear them.

@Mittineague that’s right but browser refresh does not seem to clear this.

Yeah, we need to clear this on click through @techAPJ can you add to your list


Sorry about that. Until the proper fix is in place you can clear the notifications manually by going to your Notifications tab – – and then click on “Mark all as Read” button.


Ah yes, same method I use to clear the “_ posts moved” Notifications.

(though we’re 5 betas behind so maybe that has been fixed.)

I looked into this bug today and it seems like this issue has been present in our source code for a while. There is no code handling this case (i.e. marking invite accepted notification as read) at present.

In my opinion “Invite Accepted” notifications should show up as read, like we do with badges notifications. This will be useful in case of “Bulk/Disposable Invites”.

Thoughts @codinghorror / @sam ?

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Sure that is fine, have it show up “read”

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Okay, fixed via: