Access Denied error message when trying to upload images

I am having trouble uploading any image on my Discourse. If I or someone tries to upload images on a topic or tries to add an avatar image, they receive the message “Access Denied”. Even the website’s favicon is in trouble. What could be causing this problem?

There could be hundreds of reasons why.

  • have you checked the logs ? (sitedomain/logs)
  • are you running the app as root ?
  • is there enough avail storage space?
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Seems to a be a S3 or a bucket error
The logs:

Where can I check this out?

Then you should see about checking your S3 configuration.

How did you install discourse?

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I need to check. It was made some time ago and not by me :sweat:
Could u give me some advice on how can I figure it out?

I will try to find something to read and study about it.

Check out Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones) and Setting up file and image uploads to S3.

If you can ssh to your server and there is a /var/discourse then there is a reasonable chance that you have a "standard insfall’ (see Discourse official Standard Installation).


It was a problem with my bucket. I managed to correct. Thank you!

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