Error uploading files


My discourse instance has stopped allowing me to upload images for a topic. This use to work and the only change I recall making to the site was enabling backups to S3. When I try to upload a file from my computer I immediately get the following error:

Sorry there was an error uploading that file, please try again

I’ve tried several files that are around 40k in size and none work. I’ve upgraded to the latest version of discourse with no luck (in fact that broke something else but I’ll put in another topic)


I’m seeing this error when I try and upload

Discourse::SiteSettingMissing (s3_upload_bucket)

I resolved this issue by specifying the the S3 bucket on the Settings->Files screen

I’m gonna stop you right there. We’re deprecating support for S3 so there’s no need to start configuring it since it will be removed in the next version.