Access limitation on working hours

Hi friends,
I‘d like to suggest some „business feature“:

It should be possible to set up working hours for specific user groups / members, so employees could work from everywhere, but only when they are allowed to. There is no more need to discuss overtime costs and unhealthy sleep behavior. :wink:

It‘s also a reminder for the most couraged members / co-workers to prevent them from burn-outs.

What do you think?



I had this implemented in a big enterprise install.

Since the working hours are centralized in the ERP system, you point Discourse to use the central SSO and set the session time to something as low as 30 minutes.


Is it also possible to this without ERP or separate SSO? As a default functionality or maybe plugin solution for Discourse? It will be so fantastic :slight_smile:

I think, nowadays it’s very important in our lives to set out of offce workarounds. Only topics / messages taged with urgent should be still visible for a certain time. Therefore it’s not necessary to force logout the user for their current session.

You can write you proposal and budget and post it on #marketplace.

But if a company is big enough and it’s in a country with strong work and employments laws, it’s a full time job with a giant team just to keep up with it, because:

  • You have thousands of employees

  • Everyone have different working hours, vacation days, sick days, overtime, etc. Also this changes every day.

  • New laws come and go every year

Why would you invest time doing this twice?