Access reports JSON data via Pipedream


I’m trying to pull Discourse report info via Pipedream so I can send it to Segment for analytics purposes.

The Pipedream integration with Discourse works when I run the starting query of https://${auths.discourse.domain}/admin/users/list/active.json with my credentials. As soon as I try to run another query (which works in the browser, I might add) like https://${auths.discourse.domain}/admin/reports/signups.json, Pipedream throws back a 404 with the error The requested URL or resource could not be found.

I know the resource exists (I can paste the same URL into the browser and it works), so can you help me figure out why Pipedream can’t access these reports?

Any help is much appreciated.

Is it passing your API username and key via the correct headers? See Discourse API Documentation, perhaps?


I was, but I had generated an API key for all users, and this morning when I tried generating one tied to my admin username things began working. :sweat_smile:

Maybe it’s worth noting that in the docs somewhere - or in the post about reverse-engineering undocumented API endpoints? I thought for sure I was doing something wrong by the end of yesterday, but I couldn’t see any mention in the docs of different permission levels for certain API routes versus others.

Thanks for the help - I appreciate it!