Access to forum invite email content

(Erwin NH) #1

Do we have/are we on track to soon have access to our outgoing invite email content?

On a side note: great work recently guys, last couple of updates have added some excellent features that I appreciate.

Make invitation email text customizable by admin or inviter
(Lars Doucet) #2

This would be really nice – I’d also like to know if and how it notifies users of what groups you’re auto-adding them to upon invite.

My use case: I’m running pre-orders for a game I’m developing, and people who buy in at a certain level get early access, so I collect their email addresses in the process and then invite them to the forum with an auto-add to the “alpha” group. It’d be nice to customize that invite message.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

This content is all editable as of 1.5 beta. Admin, Customize, Text Content.

(Jeff Atwood) #4