Make invitation email text customizable by admin or inviter

(Tobias Eigen) #1

Would it be possible to make the invitation email text customizable? Depending on how the permissions are set up on the forum, the text as it is now may not reflect reality or make sense. I also would like to have this be a plain text email that shows the URL in cleartext and so can’t be mistaken for a phishing email.

Here’s what it looks like now on my forum - but when you click on “Visit Kabissa” it does not take the user to the post but to the forum homepage… and they do have to log in before they can post a reply.

Also, I am currently grappling with the invitation emails which are sent out by my discourse and think that it would help to make the emails more palatable/interesting to the invitee if the inviter could write a few lines of text explaining why they are inviting them. The other part of the answer might be to let admins customize their email so that it includes more info about the site and makes sense in their context.

As it is, I now send out two emails when inviting someone to join a topic - one in gmail to warn the person that the invitation is coming and to give context, and another via the invite system.

I do see how this might open up our site to potential spamming.

Typo in prepended text for invited users in welcome message, not editable
Typo in prepended text for invited users in welcome message, not editable
(ampburner) #2


This would also be incredibly useful in a transition peiod when moving from existing forum software.

“I would like to invite you to Discourse because this will be our new forum”

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I just made some incremental improvements, the invite emails now include

  • site full name from settings
  • site description from settings
  • plain vanilla URL (so you can see the domain)

Here’s the copy.

[%{site_name}] %{invitee_name} invited you to a discussion


> %{topic_title}


> **%{site_title}**
> %{site_description}

If you're interested, click the link below:


This is an invitation from a trusted user, so you can reply to the discussion immediately.

(Site-wide invite is similar but omits the topic, obviously, since you aren’t inviting users to a specific topic at that point.)

So make sure your site description is good!

###[Discourse Meta] codinghorror invited you to a discussion

codinghorror invited you to a discussion

Why is this discussion software so freaking awesome?


Discourse Meta

Feedback forum for the next-generation open source Discourse forum software

If you’re interested, click the link below:

This is an invitation from a trusted user, so you can reply to the discussion immediately.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

That’s odd, I just tested sending an invite to myself here using my existing email and plus addressing (

aside: if you do this, be sure to redeem the invite in private / incognito mode!!

When redeeming the invite I am indeed correctly dropped in the target topic that I sent the invite from. I can’t repro the problem you describe.

Now invites to the site (sent from your user page) rather than invites to a topic (sent from the topic page) will behave differently. Invites sent from the user page are invites to the site as a whole and will dump you at the homepage as expected.

(ampburner) #5

@codinghorror how about A personal message from the sender?

I thought this would be relevant to your interests because I know you love Icecream so much!

(Tobias Eigen) #6

I think this might be what @codinghorror has in mind.

I haven’t attempted to replicate this but will let you know if it comes up again.

(Tobias Eigen) #7

Can we revisit this idea? On the invite popup you would see a brief box for adding an optional personal message. This would be available everywhere you can invite people - topics, invite one person, mass invite by csv.

FWIW this hasn’t happened to me again - fluke.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

One way to accomplish this is to create a “welcome!” topic and invite people to that topic. The topic title and excerpt are quoted in the invite, e.g. “what exactly are you inviting me into, exactly?”

(Tobias Eigen) #9

Thanks for the suggestion. This might work for some cases, but not most of the time.

Most of the time I want to send each user a personalized text specific to them, like I would in an email. Or if I am inviting a bunch at once it will be because they are connected through an event or something like that and I will want to refer to it… but I don’t want to start a new topic in the forum about that. I want to send them an email.

So I guess that is the solution for my use case failing a personalized message upon invite. I will send an email to invite people to the forum and use a spreadsheet to track them as they join. Longhand but tried and true.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #10

@tobiaseigen Perhaps generating invite tokens, and using them in your third-party email system work work better?

(that’s the path we’re leaning towards)

(Utkarsh Agarwal) #11

Any developments on this by any chance?

(Noneck) #12

@codinghorror it appears there are a few who are looking to customize the invite email.

It would be great to customize invite_password_instructions along with all of the other messages under /admin/customize/site_text/usage_tips.

At a minimum, the invite_password_instructions should include the username and reminder to reset their password.

What other emails/invites should be customizable?

(Sam Saffron) #13

What is the exact copy you are going for? curious to see if a more general change is apt here (not against the customisation just want to make sure our defaults are great)

(Noneck) #14

@sam thanks for the question.

When I invite someone to my discourse instance, I would like it to read.

Noel Hidalgo (noneck) invited you to join:
NYC’s new online home to open data, civic technology, open government, and smarter communities.

If you’re interested, we have created and account for you. Your user name is {%username}. Click the link below to configure your account and set your password.


This invitation is from a trusted user, so you won’t need to log in.

Though this process, I would like for the user to confirm their username and set their password.


(Maggie Ronan) #15

I’d love to be able to customize the invite copy for my Discourse instance as well—we’re doing an invite-only forum test, and we think it would increase likelihood that invitees will accept their invitations with more personalized copy, rather than the out-of-the-box copy.


I would also like the ability to customize the invite email.

In particular the “If you’re interested” needs to be removed for our site. It’s not ‘if interested’ it’s required these invited people join.


Any further updates on this? We would really like to make changes to the invite email.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #18

This is one of the things I have to tweak in server.en.yml on each upgrade, preventing me from moving my discourse to the hosted platform.

(Christopher McEwan) #19

Customisable invitation emails or/or the ability to paste the invitation link into an externally generated invitation email would be a very helpful feature.

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In the current configuration, what are the considerations to using a more extensive ‘site description’ text. This would allow me to make the invite email more informative but will it trip me up elsewhere?

(Maya Lesh) #20

We are also very interested in email text customization. It would be very useful for our group as we send an invite to new people and we want to tell them more about the group to motivate them to join. Are there plans for adding this feature?