Accessibility testing of Discourse instance for US 508 compliance

I have setup a pilot instance of Discourse for the volume Electron Microscopy team at NCI-CCR. In order to take it to production, I have to make this instance 508 and FISMA compliant. I tried the online QA tool ANDI to test the 508 compliance and it did not work on Discourse.

Any advice and suggestion from you on how I can check for 508 compliance is much appreciated.

What kind of problems did you encounter?

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Tools like that often have many false positives, and often don’t actually make the software more usable. If passing that test is a requirement you’ll likely have a hard time finding any forum.

The team has been working hard on the issue though, and have been very responsive to those who can document actual usability issues

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Hi Richard, Thanks for looking into my problem. I can use to test the 508 compliance for any other web page but not on Discourse. Testing software does not seem to be able to work on Discourse. I saw few other posts saying Discourse does not allow Accessibility testing.

Jay, Do you know how other users who have to do 508 compliance have accomplished it? Did they do manual testing and enforce few restrictions on how a user can post? Appreciate your help.

If you are the admin of the website, you can add to Admin - Settings - Security - content security policy script src and it will work.

BTW a number of our clients did use tooling like this and those tools came up with some useful feedback from time to time.


Thanks Richard – I am the admin of the site and I will add the links you have given.


Is this what you mean?

Yes, that’s what I meant.

Richard, Is there anyway I can tell our compliancy team what all is enforced when I use the SSA

I am not sure what you mean.