Accessibility tools suggestion for testing site for visually impaired

Can anyone recommend a tool/technique I could use to test my site for visually impaired/blind users?

I recently received a vague “legal” notice that I am out of compliance and open to potential legal action. My site doesn’t run only on Discourse, but it seems like the most likely area under question and a good place to start an accessibility review.

Many thanks!

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Found a recently-created list of accessibility scanning tools. Haven’t had a chance to actually try out any one, but at least I have a starting point.

There is some discussion about accessibility issues, with actionable notifications of actual problems. My take is that most of the testers aren’t very good for much other than scaring people.

I think that you’re facing a legal issue and not a technical one, so it’s likelier a waste of time to do anything technical.

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Agreed. I still think for those not in the know, it’s a good idea to at least be aware of what some people have deemed a potential issue.

Some reading in your spare time:


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