Accessing another model in Ember--surely there's a better way than ajax

I’m inserting a button on the header that adds a user to a group. This is working, but making an ajax call to do so just doesn’t seem right. It would seem like I could “just” somehow call the Group model and do it there, but I can’t find an example that does it.

This is in a plugin…

I guess there must be some way that I can make the demoGroup into a model rather than just a dict?

      const demoServerGroupName = siteSettings.pfaffmanager_demo_server_group;
      const groups = Site.currentProp("groups");
      const router = container.lookup("router:main");

      const demoGroup = groups.find((g) => {
        return === demoServerGroupName;
      const hasDemoServer = servers.find((g) => {
        return g.hostname.includes("pfaffmanagerdemo");
      if (demoGroup && !hasDemoServer) {
        api.decorateWidget("header-buttons:before", (helper) => {
          const addToDemoGroup = function () {
            window.console.log("need to add to group", demoGroup);

            const groupId =;
            const url = `/groups/${groupId}/join.json`;
            ajax(url, {
              type: "PUT",
              data: currentUser.username,
              .then(() => {
                router.transitionTo("/pfaffmanager/servers"); //TODO: refer to the route?

          return helper.h(
              className: "btn btn-text btn-primary create headerLink",
              title: I18n.t("pfaffmanager.server.create_demo_server_title"),
              onclick: addToDemoGroup,
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If the object you’re dealing with is a Group model object, you can direct call addMembers on it. If not you can use Group.findAll method.

For usage, lookup the codebase.

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Hmm. Looking more closely at what groups.js does, it looks like it’s making pretty much the same json call that I am, and worse, the Group.findAll() that it appears I would need to do in order to be able to use Group.addMembers adds an extra ajax call that I’m currently avoiding. Maybe my code isn’t as bad as I thought!


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