Account Creation/Invitation Acceptance - special configurations and themes?

I’m just getting started with my Discourse journey and am currently struggling with the sign-up/invitation page and would like it to be a different theme from my regular forum pages, which I’ve defaulted to our version of dark mode.

That doesn’t mean you want to see everything in dark mode right away…

Is there a way to set this page apart from others? It seems like I can change some classes or ids easily, but others change things that I didn’t expect.

Can I prompt the user immediately for which “mode”?

Any assistance or pointing me to other resources would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!!

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Note that if you have the site setting default dark mode color scheme id configured, dark/light mode should be determined by the user’s browser or operating system preference… so in that case you might not need to do anything additional.

Beyond that, there’s not a great way to do this at the moment. A user doesn’t have an account at this point, so there’s not an easy way to toggle between light/dark (as a user preference).

One minor improvement that I’ve just put in our review queue is to add a class to the body tag (.invite-page)… once merged this will make it much easier to add some custom CSS to target only this page.


Thanks Kris,
I didn’t realize that site setting behaved that way.

I appreciate the new class too and will keep an eye for it. I Think that might help a lot. :slight_smile:

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