Account for Tracked & not just Watched topics (Something between 'muted' and 'tracked' for categories)

(mountain) #1

(In relation to my recent situation in trying to fine-tune the suggested topics list.)

I wanted to suggest the idea of accounting for tracked topics and not just watched topics when it comes to muting entire categories (and ergo, their topics within).

This thread also seems to be partly-related. If I decide to mute categories for the sake of fine-tuning my ux, I would still like to be notified if I am @mentioned in a topic I haven’t visited yet in a category I muted.

In my case, I’m not muting categories because I don’t want to hear about their existence ever again, but simply to lower the ‘feedback’ of incoming topics in my ‘latest’ topic listing tab, as well as for suggested topics at the bottom of each topic.

Was wondering if this is viable as a suggestion to be taken into account or not.

(cpradio) #2

@codinghorror, I was thinking mentions continued to notify you in muted categories/topics.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

No, the issue is probably that switching a category to muted only affects newly created topics in that category. That is, topics created after you changed the setting.

If you switch a category to muted today, there might be thousands of existing topics that will still have their old notification state set. And since you have not muted those old topics you’ll continue to get notifications for them.