Make muting category apply retrospectively

I’ve muted a category on my forum but the topics that already had appeared on /latest still are there. New topics are muted when they are created, as expected. Is there any way to get rid of the old topics from the /latest list? Thanks.

Those ones will be the ones you’ve interacted with and are now either Tracking or Watching. If you set them back to Normal they should then respect the category mute. For yourself as a staff member you can use the bulk select on the topic lists to do that. :+1:

For others, it would depend on what their notification settings are, I think? They may not see as many as you do.


You’re right that the topics were set to “tracking”, and changing to “normal” sorts it out.

I don’t think this are tracked because I interacted with them, as most of them are unread – maybe it’s a relic of belonging to a watched category.

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