Account Spammer / Troll

Are there any easy ways that people can think of to stop an account troll in our forums. We are having a problem where a person keeps creating new accounts (using temporary/disposable email addresses) and creating nasty / rude name accounts that he / she can then use to “Like” other user comments and get their attention.

We have blocked the domains he’s been using for the mail addresses, and we’ve implemented the “review messages” for new users so the person can’t post any messages without our approval, but the ongoing issue of a harassing troll upsets our users.

Any ideas to stop the troll appreciated.

I’m thinking it would slow the person down a lot if we could easily import a long list of the temporary email addresses that are available. I see the there are lists in Github but it would be a lot of work to import these manually:

You could copy/paste the pipe delimited list into the email domains blacklist setting.

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Perhaps in this case, it might be useful to block the IP address/range your spammer is using?


How would I get the pipe delimited version of this list? I tried copying and pasting just the list as it is, but that didn’t work. I’m not a software engineer - just an admin with a little technical experience.

With a little bit of search and replace. Download the list to a file, open in a text editor and replace line breaks with the pipe | character.


Are they also getting a new ip address for each account?


How often is this happening, are there any chances this user is just going to step away and give up?

They have - so the point is moot now.

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I find the built in 3 users can just stop any bad nonsense going on without moderators intervening does a lot to cure this issue. (3 flags to hide a post)