How do I add a huge list of throwaway email providers to the email blacklist without using a browser?

here’s a list of throwaway email providers to block using the “email domains blacklist” feature:

i converted to tab delimitation for pasting into the discourse admin area but there are a little over 1,500 so chrome throws this error a few times and then crashes:

the blacklist is from this github with 26 contributors: disposable-email-domains/index.json at master · ivolo/disposable-email-domains · GitHub and was most recently updated 2 days ago.

for the email blacklist to be effective it needs to contain a lot of entries.

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The guys at maintain a huge list of fake email providers and also provide an API (and a csv export IIRC).

Maybe there is some way to regularly import this automatically into Discourse?


This feature would be great to have!


Can probably do it via the API.

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Seems ripe for a plugin. :wink: Throw a bounty on it in #marketplace?


Does this work on current Discourse @joffreyjaffeux?

No we still can’t mass import settings though the UI, I can work on it if you want. The solution would also solve the re-ordering through drag/drop problematic.


The specific case listed does make sense, when you have a site setting that may need 100+ entries. Not a high priority though.


Would be great if the email blacklist feature also prevented existing accounts with these emails from being able to keep posting.

Would also be really great if there was an easy option from the user panel to bulk delete user accounts (and their content) that already have accounts created with email domains on the blacklist. This way, moderators would be able to make such actions without SSH access and custom queries.