Account temporarily on hold everytime a new user signs up

Every time a new user signs-up, after the first post his accounts get temporarily blocked.
Now, the user is not able to post even after signing up for the first time. Help, please.

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Have you identified why the user account is getting blocked? This topic might be of help:


This is what it’s showing when a new user is trying to post the second time.

Also, recently I signed up with a new account & while I was trying to post something, the following msg was available:

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I recommend tuning the following settings on your forum:

  • newuser max replies per topic
  • max replies in first day
  • max topics in first day

Maybe revert the above settings to their default value?


@techAPJ thankyou so much. I tried it & the new user can now post more than once. Just need to check if the account is still bet on hold after a new user signs up.


Hi …after making the changes in these categories, my access to review the posts before posting by others has been revoked. So now a client can post anything without being reviewed by the admin/moderator.

There are three site settings for this:

  • approve post count
  • approve unless trust level
  • approve new topics unless trust level

Tune them as per your requirements.