Acronym glossary plugin?

Just was thinking that some communities might benefit from an acronym expander. i.e., Automatically create a link when a matched acronym or other term appears in a post that would give a hover tip or other such UI junk that would explain what the term means.

We probably wouldn’t use this because we try hard to avoid jargon, but I’ve seen it elsewhere and found it useful. So maybe someone will be interested in picking this up and running with it. :wink:


A problem might be that some acronyms depend on context.

That is, depending on the “field” - medical, web dev, electronics etc.
the same acronym would mean different things.

eg. ESR

Yes, this would need to be maintained by the community, admin, etc., for sure.

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I believe the HTML tag already works for this?

What does HTML mean?

What does <abbr title="Highly Technical Monkey Launcher">HTML</abbr> mean?


I often emulate what I’ve seen in technical articles, expanding the first time only eg.
“If you put the data into CSV - Comma Separated Values - files then you can use PHP’s CSV functions”

Of course this requires the poster to have the thought to do so, but it works (or should)

Yes, it does … the idea here is to automatically wrap those words that match pre-determined acronyms/terms, rather than rely on someone to do it manually. Indeed, the problem to solve is people using those terms but forgetting to kindly expand them, as @Mittineague does. :-).


This now exists as a plugin: