Adding a “description” behavior on watched words

Would adding a “description” behavior on watched words, such as:

be a #pr-welcome?

I’ve started using linkification of some terms and acronyms on my forums, but I feel it’s not the best solution, and I need more quick explanations of acronyms than links.

The best would be some sort of popup on hover (touch on tactile screens) with a very short description/explanation, and an optional link, but I supposed that would be lot of work.

My gif is using GitHub - metabrainz/discourse-abbrify-words: Discourse theme component for automatically adding <abbr> to abbreviations and acronyms which is heavily based on GitHub - discourse/discourse-linkify-words: theme to auto linkify urls in discourse.

Since abbrify-word isn’t actively maintainted, I can’t use it for my purpose.

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