Activating "bootstrap mode" on an old community

I recently migrated an old community that has a few hundred members, but was not very active. We’re making positive steps, but our engagement is still quite low. I think changing digest frequency might help (or alienate users, one of the two :sweat_smile:).

I just found out about this setting:

If I change the “bootstrap mode” setting to a high number like 9999, would this override existing users’ digest setting?

If so, what happens if people don’t log in to their email for a couple of weeks? It’s summer and this is an academic community, so some people might not be monitoring their institutional email account very closely. Would they return to a huge pile of digest emails or do they stop after a while?

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You can try it; not entirely sure what will happen though!


I don’t think I’ll go ahead with this. I only now realised that the digest mode doesn’t really work the way I though it did:

I thought it was a digest like that of Google Groups or traditional email lists, where a daily email makes sense (if there are new posts. But since the digest (renamed “summary” as of 1.6) only surface “top” posts, a daily email won’t make sense.