Have we been silently sending Digest emails to 200,000+ migrated users?

So we just migrated an old unused forum to Discourse about a month ago, including 200,000+ users. The forum was naturally in a state of complete mess and has not been in any state to go public yet.

But I just noticed under Admin/Emails that TONS of digest emails seem to have been sent out every week:

Did we really accidentally email the entire 200,000+ member database once a week over the past month?!!

I’ve turned off the Digest emails function for now, but I wish to turn this on for new forum members only. I don’t want to email existing members because this forum has been inactive for many years now, so those users will most likely not want to be receiving digest emails.

Is there a way where I can change all current user settings so that they don’t receive emails after I turn back on the digests function? Will changing the users to trust_level_0, or maybe deactivating them all, achieve this?



Yes, just go to the admin site settings and find the default email digest frequency . Change it to never. It will ask you if you want to apply changes retroactively. Click “Yes”. :smiley:


Thanks, but not sure if this does what I want. Ideally, I only want ACTIVE users to get the digest email. So only NEW users should get the digest email, and all previous users should by default not receive it unless they log in to the forum.

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Well, applying those changes retroactively does stop all existing users from receiving the digests.

You could use the Custom Wizard plugin to ask people for their email preferences as soon as they log in.


I see, thanks very much! Will look into that.

So, we really HAVE BEEN mass emailing everyone over the past month then? :sweat:


I’m not sure whether it was “everybody”. Generally those digests stop when someone did not log in for suppress digest email after days (default 180 days).


You can also do this one time, setting it to never and applying it retroactively, then change it back to whatever you want it to be for new users, but this time you choose No when asked to apply it for existing users.


Yes, thank you all so much! That’s what I’ve done now. :+1:


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