Active users for specific months

I’m trying to find two pieces of data: How many active users* did my community have in the month of April 2016 and how many in September 2016.

* Active user = posted at least 1 topic or reply within the time period.

More details: I have Google Analytics hooked up. My community is private so all users are logged in.

I’ve read several forum posts here, as well as on the FeverBee forum, which indicate that this is possible, but I can’t figure out how.

Has no one answered because my question is dumb :flushed: or because there is not way to find out this data :imp:?

My guess is not “dumb” but that the weekend happened.

Have you seen this post?


The query Mittineague references does the job perfectly. I use it for my monthly reporting.


That answer my question perfectly. Thanks to both @Mittineague & @HAWK!

Edit: you should really put a big bow on that post. This is super useful stuff!

No problem. FWIW I’ve updated the topic on FeverBee to reflect this – things shouldn’t be that hard to find (apologies).

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