How many active users last month?

I want gather this data, for active users i mean registered users who made a post at least in the last month.
I guess that i can have this just with a data filter on users export action, in this way I can answer questions like:

  • How man new members (registered last month) made a post at least?
  • How many active users against two months ago or last year?
  • Who are the active users lat month?

Can you suggest me any better way?
Read this but also playing with GA it’s impossibile to extract such data


Strangely enough - I think this information is shown in the “about” menu option but not in the regular admin interface:

Which then brings this up:

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Sort of, active means they logged in, not that they posted.

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I can have hundred of logged in users but if anyone posts it’s unuseful.
And in this way how can I compare?
And how can I know who not just how many?

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Am I the only one who wants a feature such this? :slight_smile:

Sorry for bump this, but I need to know active members where for active users i mean registered users who made a post at least in the last month.
Is there any way?

Go to /users then select month and order by replies.

Sorry, not who but how many! Users counts also 0 posts people

Sort by number of posts, scroll down and count.

Another possibility is to export Users as a CSV file (it may take a while if you have a lot of members) and then you can write a custom script to do all kinds of amazing things :smiley:


Eheh :smile: Jeff be serious please! Counting manually hundreds of member every month is not smart :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit: I know, you’re asking me why. That’s my why:

I need to count engagement then count “poster” people is more interesting than just “logged in”, even though interesting
What do you think?

Thanks for the suggestion! I just exported the csv and used “last_post_at” thanks very much.
At the time of my first post this field was not present


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Hey all, is there a Dashboard view that would show how many unique users posted at least once during the current month? The CSV can show that for the current month but not for months past.

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Hi @vbdubz , you could download the users report each month, and then calculate the number of new posts in the month by substracting the new report’s information minus last report’s information.