Activity Summary not sent

Have recently set up a new Discourse site with all users being created via API calls with active and approved status set to true, also digest and suppress intervals were set in the site settings.

I am finding that users only start receiving Activity Summaries after their first visit to the site. I was hoping that all users would receive Activity Summaries prior to visiting the site as a means of encouraging them to make their first visit.

Have I missed a setting to make this happen, or is there something else I need to do? Thanks.

Maybe suppress digest email after days is a problem because the user never visited.

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Thanks for the pointer. I’ll make the changes referenced and wait to see what happens.

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It’s harder to create an active user than you might think. I suspect those users are waiting for the email to be validated even though they are marked as active. I had a similar problem recently when I created a user with rails.

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